Leading the way in home innovation

Clarum Homes is guided by our mission and core values. We believe these principles greatly strengthen our culture, brand, customer service, and business strategies.

Our difference is rooted in our mission: we work to transform the way people live.

This means a relentless commitment to lead the way in home building innovation. We blend unsurpassed energy-efficient technology and sustainable building materials with homes that are gorgeously designed, healthy for occupants, and amazingly comfortable.

Our core values

Our core values articulate the culture of our company. They are guiding tenets, informing every decision and action:

  • Live innovation: We promote an innovative culture and approach. Clarum team members are forward thinkers. We are on a continual quest to improve construction through the use of better technologies, materials, and systems.
  • Create healthy environments: Clarum is committed to building healthy homes that have superior indoor air quality, no toxic contaminants, and continuously circulating fresh air.
  •  Transform home building: We lead the way in building beautiful high-performance custom homes that minimize the use of resources, reduce harmful effects on the environment, and create more comfortable living spaces.
  •  Be transparent and authentic: Clarum places the highest value on our relationships with others – we are always honest and forthcoming with our clients and each other. Our team stays true to our mission and company purpose.

At Clarum Homes, we lead the way in home innovation.

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